Akron Beacon Journal

“We recommend the election of Emilia Sykes…A member of the Sykes family long has represented a House district in central Akron. Impressive about Emilia Sykes, the daughter of Barbara and Vernon Sykes (both served in the Ohio House) is her familiarity with the district and her understanding of issues, especially health care. She is running her own race and shaping her own priorities, without a tone of entitlement. No doubt, she will have much to learn, but Sykes is a quick study, ready to use hard data to help address such things as holding charter schools accountable and making health care more accessible and affordable.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Emilia Sykes is more than just a name. The young Sykes has the wits and the professional background to become an effective state representative for the 34th District, which covers much of west Akron and parts of nearby suburbs. Voters should elect her over her challenger…”

Ohio Democratic Party

“Emilia Sykes represents the next generation of strong Democrats who will stand up and fight for workers, women, minorities and the elderly,” said Chris Redfern, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman. “I look forward to serving with her in the Ohio House of Representatives because I know Akron and the entire state will have someone who is passionate about public service.”

Summit County Executive Russ Pry

“I’m proud to endorse Emilia Sykes for state representative because she has pledged to empower our community, to provide quality healthcare for our citizens, and kick-start our education system to attract good-paying jobs,” Pry said. “We need strong representation in Columbus to fight back against the devastating cuts in funding for police, firefighters, teachers and other vital service providers. Emilia Sykes will be a great representative for our community.”

State Senator Tom Sawyer, D-Akron

“Emilia Sykes understands the key to creating good paying jobs is improving the educational opportunities for everyone,” Senator Sawyer said. “I’m endorsing her for state representative because she is qualified, hard-working and passionate. She is committed to improving our public school system, investing in early childhood education, and keeping college affordable and accessible.”

Ohio House Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard, D-Columbus

“I am excited to endorse Emilia Sykes,” said Leader Heard. “Emilia is dedicated to the issues that matter not just to the 34th District, but to all Ohioans. She cares deeply about investing in our children and our communities, strengthening our economy and protecting the rights of women, minorities and working families. I support her wholeheartedly.”

Affiliated Construction Trades of Ohio (ACT Ohio)

“Emilia Sykes will be a strong voice for the construction industry. She understands that economic and industrial development creates job opportunities for our contractors and our members. Emilia believes in quality training, safe work sites, and good wages and benefits for workers,” said Matt Szollosi, ACT Ohio Executive Director. “ACT Ohio was proud to endorse Emilia Sykes for state representative.”

Akron Beacon Journal, Democratic Primary Endorsement

“We recommend the election of Emilia Sykes…she has a good grasp of what matters to the district, placing priority on early education and expanded access to health care. More, she has taken keen lessons from her parents, showing both passion and an awareness of what is required to get things done, the compromises, collaboration and eye on the long run.”

Ohio Federation of Teachers

“The Ohio Federation of Teachers…endorsed candidates who support public education, public workers and the services that give everyone an opportunity to succeed.”

Paid for by Emilia Sykes Campaign, Takisha Reeves, Treasurer, 109 N. Howard St., Unit A, Akron, Ohio 44308