Meet Emilia

State Representative Emilia Sykes is excited to be in her first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. Emilia is living her dream of coming home to Akron to represent her neighbors in a district she loves.

Emilia is more than a state representative. She is someone you can trust to get the job done, someone who truly cares about our community.

Our district, the one you elected her to represent, faces great challenges. We have too many working families who are playing by the rules but still struggle to make ends meet every month. That’s why Emilia fought to be on the House Finance Committee, the panel that controls our state budget. Emilia is dedicated to strengthening middle class families and preparing Ohio’s economy for the future.

Emilia is passionate about improving health care for members of our community and all Ohioans. She cares deeply about our state’s infant mortality crisis, continuing adequate support for Medicaid and supporting our state’s children and elderly. Emilia fights for these issues daily as the Ranking Minority Member on the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services and as a member of the Health and Aging Committee.

Emilia is also a member of the Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees and was appointed to the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission.

Born and raised in Akron, Emilia and her sister grew up in a politically active and socially conscious family.

From an early age, Emilia learned the importance of public service. Her parents, Vernon and Barbara Sykes, have dedicated their lives to giving back to their community. Both served as elected leaders, and instilled in Emilia the value of giving back to those in need. Seeing her parents make positive changes for the Akron community was inspiring and set an example she continues to emulate.

Emilia’s parents also emphasized the importance of education. Emilia graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University with a B.A. in Psychology. Four years later, she earned her J.D. with a Certificate in Family Law from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. The same year, Emilia earned her Master of Public Health from the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions.

As the Administrative Staff Advisor at the Summit County Fiscal Office, Emilia helped to establish a county land bank that repurposed vacant and abandoned property. Prior to her time with the County, Emilia offered access to quality health and legal services to people in need at Community Legal Services in Akron. While working with other local organizations to find solutions to health issues, Emilia brought creative solutions to the problems that low-income citizens face. By working directly with individuals in need, Emilia has seen first-hand the necessity of a robust social safety net, good schools and access to job training.

Emilia continues to be a passionate voice for her community as an Ohio State Representative, and is constantly working to improve our Akron community for all Ohioans.

Paid for by Emilia Sykes Campaign, Takisha Reeves, Treasurer, 109 N. Howard St., Unit A, Akron, Ohio 44308