My Values

There truly is no place like home. Now more than ever, we must make the 34th District a home that we can all be proud of. This is my home, and I am working to empower this community, to provide quality healthcare to our citizens and use our education system to attract good-paying jobs.


Protecting Women’s Health:
Politicians in the General Assembly continue to play doctor, passing legislation that is dangerous for women while placing medically unnecessary restrictions on basic health services. These attacks are a serious threat to some of the most essential rights protected by the Constitution. I continue to support Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support women and families and work for policies that respect women’s autonomy and rights to comprehensive healthcare.

I supported the decision to declare Ohio’s infant mortality epidemic a public health crisis. It’s time to get serious about reducing the infant mortality in our state by using resources to drive our efforts and actions to give credence to our words.

Unfortunately, the majority party inserted a measure in the state’s budget that would limit pregnancy care, as well as breast and cervical cancer treatments for low-income Ohio women. By cutting access to prenatal care, we risk worsening our state’s high infant mortality rate.

Implementing the Affordable Care Act:
I support the ACA’s option to expand Medicaid, which will provide health coverage to the neediest Ohioans. Medicaid expansion is a win-win that will provide health insurance to the working families who need it most without increasing the cost to our state’s taxpayers.

Reinforcing Our Safety Net:
Our state must continue to provide a robust safety net through healthcare, economic assistance and social programs. We are continuing to strengthen our community if we invest in our most treasured asset, our people.

For example, I introduced a resolution urging Congress to protect Ohio’s children and families by reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which Congress recently extended through 2017.

Any uncertainty with (CHIP) funding would have threatened the state’s bottom line, leaving in question the state’s investment in covering the cost of our kids’ healthcare.

Community Empowerment

Repurposing vacant and abandoned property:
There are hundreds of vacant and abandoned lots in our district. These empty spaces encourage crime, lower property values, and generally undermine the growth of our community. I work every day to collaborate with other local leaders to find creative solutions for these spaces that will enhance our community.

In the General Assembly, I introduced a bill that would establish procedures for the remediation of Ohio properties on which a meth lab has been discovered. The legislation established identification and cleanup procedures for sites that contain harmful meth-related chemicals. Remediation of these sites is the next step in the process of reclaiming our neighborhoods.

Voting rights:
We’ve seen what can happen when our state government passes laws that restrict voting rights. I am a tireless advocate for voting rights so that every Ohioan has equal access to the ballot.

I worked with my colleagues to remove a student voter suppression provision in the state’s transportation budget. The provision would have made it harder for out of state students to vote. With the help of students, voting rights groups and our caucus, we helped protect our most basic right in a democracy and the provision was vetoed.

Supporting local government:
I am working to ensure that policies are in place and resources are available so that local governments can adequately serve the community.

Law enforcement, infrastructure support and transportation are important tools to every community. These are essential for economic growth.

I was successful in removing a local hiring ban in the state’s $7 billion transportation budget bill,. The negotiations I held with members of the Ohio House and Senate stopped the potential devastation of Akron families and jobs and our state’s economy.

Education and Jobs

Early Childhood Education:
Many children enter elementary school behind their peers in wealthier districts. We need to do everything we can to provide all children the resources they need to succeed. By strengthening our early childhood education programs, we are providing a valuable return on this investment.

Renewing Our Commitment to Public Schools:
When our children walk into school, they should feel empowered, rather than defeated by the state evaluations their schools have received. In the Legislature, I am working to develop an evaluation system that provides the community with an accurate assessment of their schools, takes into account the unique needs of each district and doesn’t shame or belittle students and community members.

Creating Jobs:
I believe that education is the foundation of job creation. The state must encourage educational and job-training programs that meet the changing demands of today’s economy. This includes keeping college affordable and making trade and vocational programs available and accessible because an educated, well-trained workforce attracts businesses that keep good jobs here in Ohio and the 34th District.

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